Game Dev

LEGO 2K Drive (2019-2023)

Gameplay Programmer, Visual Concepts Entertainment South

Worked on various game systems.

Beatstep Cowboys (Under Development)

Creative Director, Game Designer, Programmer, Composer

A music-infused simultaneous timed strategy duel based off on The Beat, the Step, and the Cowboys with more levels, characters.

Intel University Games Showcase 2017 Winner - 1st in Best Gameplay, 2nd in Best Visual Quality

NBA2K (2016-2019)


Worked on the physics simulation for the team selection screen in Triple Threat mode (see 0:25 in the video below).

Worked on the frontend of the online character tattoo shop.

Marches Like Buddah (2016)

Programmer, Game Designer

A game about a marching band consists of Tibetan monks. Stay in the formation not to embarrass your march master. Developed in Global Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours.

Download(PC & Mac)

Beat Sports (2015)

Additional Support (code)

Harmonix's music-infused fun on Apple TV. I worked on the audio engine code to support the game's feature and fix issues.

The Drop (2015)

Creative Director, Programmer

The Drop is a project that ambitiously combines FPS with a rhythm game where you can shoot only when you match the beat right.

Project Website

Download for free on (PC/Mac)

The Beat, The Step, and The Cowboys (2015)

Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Designer

Built in Global Game Jam 2015

A completely new, strangely fun pseudo-real-time rhythm based duel.

Featured in Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Download (GameJolt)

What the Fun Toy Factory (2014)

Programmer, Sound Designer

Unity, PSMove, MaKey MaKey, Phidgets

Built by team of 6 in 3 weeks

As a toy, run for your life. As an tester, test the toys to their deaths.

The Old Men and the Sea (2014)

Sound Designer, Audio Programmer

Unity, PSMove

Built by team of 5 in 3 weeks

Steer the ship and poke the giant fish together as two old men in the sea.


Game Designer, Sound Designer, Additional Programming

Built by team of 5 in 1 week

An addictive, fun festival game where four people should work together to get through a mayhem in the space.

Finding Britney (2014)

Producer, Sound Designer

Built by team of 5 in 2 weeks

Wipe out the window to find your cheated boyfriend and 'the witch'.

Pong Madness (2013)

Individual Project

Max/MSP, Processing

A pong with thousands, thousands of balls.

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