Beatstep Cowboys (Under Development)
Creative Director, Game Designer, Programmer, Composer
A music-infused simultaneous timed strategy duel based off on The Beat, the Step, and the Cowboys with more levels, characters, and whole new Twitch Play feature. We're aiming to release Beatstep Cowboys in 2019.

Intel University Games Showcase 2017 Winner - 1st in Best Gameplay, 2nd in Best Visual Quality

NBA 2K19
Worked on the physics simulation for the team selection screen in Triple Threat mode (see 0:25 in the video below).
Worked on the frontend of the online character tattoo shop.

Marches Like Buddah (2016)
Programmer, Game Designer
A game about a marching band consists of Tibetan monks. Stay in the formation not to embarrass your march master. Developed in Global Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours.

Beat Sports (2015)
Additional Support (code)
Harmonix's music-infused fun on Apple TV. I worked on the audio engine code to support the game's feature and fix issues.

The Drop (2015)
Creative Director, Programmer
The Drop is a project that ambitiously combines FPS with a rhythm game where you can shoot only when you match the beat right.

Project Website

Download for free on (PC/Mac)

The Beat, The Step, and The Cowboys (2015)
Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Designer
Built in 2 days in Global Game Jam 2015
A completely new, strangely fun pseudo-real-time rhythm based duel.
Featured in Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Download (GameJolt)

What the Fun Toy Factory (2014)
Programmer, Sound Designer
Unity, PSMove, MaKey MaKey, Phidgets
Built by team of 6 in 3 weeks
As a toy, run for your life. As an tester, test the toys to their deaths.

The Old Men and the Sea (2014)
Sound Designer, Audio Programmer
Unity, PSMove
Built by team of 5 in 3 weeks
Steer the ship and poke the giant fish together as two old men in the sea.

Game Designer, Sound Designer, Additional Programming
Built by team of 5 in 1 week
An addictive, fun festival game where four people should work together to get through a mayhem in the space.

Finding Britney (2014)
Producer, Sound Designer
Built by team of 5 in 2 weeks
Wipe out the window to find your cheated boyfriend and 'the witch'.

Pong Madness (2013)
Individual Project
Max/MSP, Processing
A pong with thousands, thousands balls.

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